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Class 12






Quadratic Equations


Let P(x) be quadratic polynomi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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pxp of quadratic polynomial position such that all real values of X the relation this relation holds if your 40228 MP of 2 is equal to 32 then sum of all percentage of PF can not be too much rupees is equal to X square + bx + c equal to given it is quadratic polynomial now and polynomial is quadratic only if they would be not equal to zero to you can and should not be with you some of Coefficient r p

o p x is a + b + c so let your fun so this is a quadratic polynomial actually hear you can get this is of PS and you can make this as employees sign Sofia fun what is equal to X equal to 1 by have a into a square + b into 1 + c certificate a + b + c now we have now we have a condition here in the question that is to 1 + P of X is 12 will put x is equal to 1 year updating apps we will find this equation so Chhotu of oneplus

your phone will become 9 + B2 Soapy no fee of zero is 8 and B of 2 is equal to 32 + 32 is equal to 40 so you can write this 2 + 2 into 1 is equal to 40 and now you now will find that your phone is equal to 40 minus 2 upon to that is 38 upon 2 is 19 and what is fee 17 is equal to sum of question Sophie one that is a + b + c equal to 90 but in the end it is written that cannot be so we have to find the values which are not equal to 19 and you can see in option that 1 3 and 4 9 2019

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