Let p,q,r and s represent simple statements. Assume that p is false, q is true, r is false, and s is true. Determine the truth value of each statement expressed below :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is T


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Badi lessons question let P Q R and S V present simple statements assume that P is false he is through our is false and as is to determine the truth value of each statement Express below as and Q2 let's move on to the solution in the question is given that as true As given to be true and q is given to be true as well thank you is also true so beautiful determine the truth value of S and q so far as and cute as also true and q is also true and we know if there is a and conditional and then if both the values are true then it also gives the result as true Mishra answer thank you

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