Let P(n) be the statement 3^n > n . If P(n) is true, P(n+1) is also true.


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every one hour question is lead Peer with the statement 3 to the power in greater than even if it is true then P N + 1 is also the statement PNB into the power in greater than a benefit greater than Indus true or not first take any cost to negative number 3 to the power n is always greater than in is negative country to the power n is always positive and now take n = 0 is good and equals to zero then sin to the power 0 is 1 is always greater than jio no any
one 10 to the power 1 2 3 that is greater than the statement is always true not take any cause 2 a.m. then pm visit to the power a.m. greater than him now we have to show that P N + 1 is also true Nobi have hi to the power M greater than X 3M 23 is greater than 32
bit about 3 to the power 3 as to the power n + 3 m s m + 12 npm is always greater than one SMS positive to the power n + 1 is always greater than m plus one n + 1 is also true thank you

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