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let P an interioer point of a triangle ABC and AP,BP,CP meets the sides BC,CA,AB in D,E,F, respectively, Show that APPD=AFFB+AEEC.



Nick Ocean is lead PN interior point open triangle ABC and APB PCP meet the side BC CA and ab ine d f respectively show that a p by PD is equal to a f bi f b + b a c sunao for the better understanding of this question let make and diagram here so here we haven't triangle and hear the size of the court heard the vertex of triangle is a we have B and this is the now here the position vector of this point is there it is ha here we have vyakaran here we have Si tractor noun act hair let me ticket fare
now here in this diagram hear this point P is our interior point at a point P is for a given question now hear these lines have point so here we have here and this is app and this is our now here a b c d and e are coplanar now where we have a b c p are coplanar so there exist the fourth pillar Sohar Bihar exit for killer status Y Z and w not all 073 Socha that we have a vector + Y + Z C vector + b vector is equals to zero because this is this event has the position vector is vector where we have
next Hindi question where we have X + Y + Z plus Omega plus w is equal to zero from here we have X + w is equal to minus of Y + Z so here we have a vector + b vector is equals to minus of by director - z letter to Fir Bhi have a vector + b vector is divided by X + w and it is equal to minus of a vector + Z TV actor whole divided by minus y + Z this will cancel out from both side sunao hair we have that AP
bi AP bi PD and it is equal to minus of w b and hair - off 1983 have a f bi f bi f FB here it is equals to buy from here AP by P is equal to a m bi f b plus a by x minus 1 is equal to y by x + Z by this value is equal to where we have - w - x is equal to Y + Z and this
value is equal to X + Y + Z + w is equal to zero so here this is true from here you can see that this is true and this is our final answer thank you


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