Let a0f(x)dx=λ and a0f(2ax)dx=μ. Then,
2a0f(x)dx equal to


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let integration from 0 to 4 x dx equal to Lambda and integration from 02842 a minus 60 seconds to me then integral from zero to 12 ft is equal to option cylinder plus Mein Lambda management tool a minus b and a time to so find the value of integration from 0 to 2 a perfect baby loose the property of Definite integral integration from 0 to 2 a perfect DX is equal to zero 284 of X +
0268 we will use this property so integration from 0 to 8 of 8 people to integration from 0 to A Plus integration from 02842 a -1 na integration 02844 x dx is equal to Lambda it will be Lambda + 90 creation from 02842 a minus x dx is equal to me so it will be Lambda + me value of integration from 0 to 12 f of x dx is Lambda + Mu which is option is the correct option thank you

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