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Let M={letters of the word REA...

Let M={letters of the word REAL} and N={letters of the word LARE}. Write sets M and N in roster form and then state whether: <br> (i) M sube N is true. <br> (ii) N sube M is true. <br> (iii) M=C is true.



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Updated On: 15-5-2021

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Answer :
M = {r, e, a,l} and N = {l, a, r, e}; (i)Yes (ii)Yes (iii) Yes



00:00 - 00:59welcome to net question it was given to us was let m is equal to letters of the word real and n = letters of the word their rights and in roster form and then state whether these all statement said was given that let EAMCET is equals to we have to write the letters of the word really in roster form roster form matlab in tabular form so we can write this letter s l comedy Kumar and similarly when is equals to letters of the word layer so here is also seen that is learnov8 to state whether these statements are true or not super statement is M belongs to equals to N so there are all the elements are same in both of these so this will be the second option is in belongs to equals to ensure they are same in elements in both so they are all this statement is also true third statement is M
01:00 - 01:59is equals to N is true we have to tell you yes this is also true because M is equals to N thank you

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