Let L denote the set of all straight lines in a plane.Let a relation R be defined by alpha R beta <=>alpha _|_ beta,alpha,beta in L.Then R is



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Updated On: 17-5-2021

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ReflexiveSymmetricTransitiveEquivalence relation.

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00:00 - 00:59hello description is given that lead and includes all the set of all straight lines in a plane ok and a relation R Meda find by alpha and beta are they blocked you are you can always perpendicular to beta and alpha beta belongs to tell they belong to set of straight lines then r is in a reflexive symmetric transitive or equivalent to check what is a which type of relation is a OK so it is given let's write the equation for this equation for this reaction is alpha is perpendicular to beat it is given no question for reflexive so what is reflexive according reflexive ok same element ok it will belongs to relation this is ok and how to check this let me show you here it is your Alpha petrol to beta hair in place of alpha and beta will read X X upon X is a line at ac
01:00 - 01:59open Allo 2x is it possible know online cannot be perpendicular to itself it is not possible so it is not reflexive ok sunao let's check for symmetric OK what does Matric means Matric means suppose I am having a comma be ok and they will have to listen and we go away they should also willing to listen this is a condition which this is true and where to check whether this is true or not ok so late check out here recorded this statement equation it is alpha is equal to beta so here we that is perpendicular to be a call to work required to be now check required to become a ok it means 20 perpendicular to this is definition ok sir 30 August suppose I am having a line which is perpendicular to a line that line will you are superb and ok for better understanding let me give you a small example suppose I am having these two like ok
02:00 - 02:59this my line this mail and b is perpendicular to be ok I can say this but both are same Botal se it is reflexive symmetric so we conclude that it is not reflexive and symmetric till now now let's chakwa transitive third part ok what is the meaning of transitive suppose I am having AB de Villiers to relation shivanahalli because they also belongs to listen now we need to check whether a cover see they belong relation or not we need to check this condition ok so what is it a and b this first and there's this is a n ok next flight check air oven to equation of this relation it is is permitted to be ok at the commerce image 20 people to see we need to check for 180 ok so this about this week we are given that a
03:00 - 03:59open UC Navya to check this particular condition is perpendicular to be ok it is OK vishwamangal to see ok so will I be permanent Lucy know this is my a support this is my line be ok is perfect would be a call to pause condition recorded this condition 20 perpendicular to AC means like this this email and so is a popular to see no is not go Bangalore to see this is C part and this is my airline OK what are not perpendicular so this is wrong so here translated it doesn't hold transitive relation so account to this question it is only symmetric we can conclude that it is only symmetric so option to is the right answer thank you

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