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Let L be a normal to the parab...

Let L be a normal to the parabola y^2=4x dot If L passes through the point (9, 6), then L is given by (a) y-x+3=0 (b) y+3x-33=0 (c) y+x-15=0 (d) y-2x+12=0



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Updated On: 19-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59little weird if else passes through the point 9610 l is given by X + 8 - 15 + 2 is equal to that point 9635 this two letters put the values we get Y is equal to go into this case a y square is equal to 36 that why is equal to plus minus 6 that is 96
01:00 - 01:5996 given to that this point satisfies the equation two letters not find the slope latest differential equation 1 so we will get 2 Y is equals to now we know that 96 satisfy the equation of parabola at 9 commerce will become equal to 2 upon and is equal to this is the slope of the tangent at 4.9 now from here it find the slope of
02:00 - 02:59the normal we know that the relationship between slope of the normal is - 5 mm into m slope of normal that is MD will become equal to minus 3 which means equation of the normal which means equation the normal will be of the form y = 2 X + 3 now from here we get the equal equal to minus 3 X + she now we know that point 96 we can't find the value for this becomes c equal to
03:00 - 03:596 + 3 into 9 which means 68733 so we get equation of the normal as it will be come by is equal to minus 3 X + 33 y + - 33 is equals to zero and hence this is our final we see that our option number be is a correct answer

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