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Let K be a positive real number and A=[2k12k2k2k12k2k2k1]andB=[02k1k12k02k2k0] . If det (adjA)+det(adjB)=106,then[k] is equal to. [Note: adjM denotes the adjoint of a square matix M and [k] denotes the largest integer less than or equal to K ].



this problem aur pass determinant of a character determinant of a hamare pass to K - 1 x minus 1 minus 4 y square - of whole K square this is minus 2 root ke will be multiplied with minus 2 root ke in X 2 - of 4 root ke minus minus plus B minus 4 root ke ke root ke 3 + 2 root ke this will be 4322 that is 4k root ke for ke root ke + 2 root ke Tu Rooth Ke Kisi
Ko aaega final Jaega x 4 ki square - 1 - this will be so -2 no kab aayega mere message aaega plus Tu Jaega To Rooth Ke into to Ruth K + 4 k root a + 2 root ke Ruth ke 4K Ruth ke to Rooth Ke Itni Ek per likha hua tha usko to X kar dunga Diya Jaega To ke minus 1 into four k square minus 1 + this will be equally cover thermocol 224 route ke Oregon and X to Ruth K
+ 4 k route k2k -14 K square minus 1 + 2 root common number Jaega 8 into ke root 3 root KK aur Jaega andar to Rooth Ke comedy Nikala To oneplus 2K 4K square - 1 ka 2 ke -141 ka station Karunga 2 into 2 k + 1 this will be 8k into 2 k + 1 + 1 ko Milenge to Jaega 2 k + 1 x x ka whole square theek ho jaega aur ki squire
-224 K square minus 2 into 2 that is 4k plus one and plus 8k 4K squire plus 4K + 2 k + 1 X + 1 ka whole square prism Bittu ki + 1 ka whole square Kisi Ko Nahin aaega ki + 1 ka whole cube theek hai similarly agar mein kya Aaya Nivas determinant of took a + 1 ka whole cube determinant of to the determinant of 2K diagonal Matrix diagonal Matrix theek hai or
Iske Jo e11even to equal to minus of a 12821 negative or even a 13831 can I get away and 8233 to connect TV and diagonal elements 0 to this is a skew symmetric matrix of order 3 matrix of order 3 automatic payment zero the treatment of viv0 determinant of adjoint is determinant of adjoint be determined of adjoint a determinant of adjoint be a kiske call Bola mere ko 10 raise to power 6 ke determinant of E raise to power n -1 + determinant of adjoint be determined to be raised to power and minus 1 is equal to 10 ki power 6
to 9 kitne Hamara anima order 33 ho jaega vitamin A determinant of a 3 - 2 that is determinant of a square + determinant of Mika squares is 10 is power 620002 K + 1 + 1 squire this is equals to 10 list power 6 Titu ki Plus One Ki Kya Aaegi Aise 2 k + 1 = to aaega 10922
largest is a part of TV9 by 2 is equal to 4.5 a four-point registered as a teacher Kya Hoga uska food licence keys photo kahan se aaega answer will be 4


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