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Different Products Of Vectors And Their Geometrical Applications


Let hata,vecb and vecc be the ...

Let `hata,vecb and vecc` be the non-coplanar unit vectors. The angle between `hatb and hatc is alpha "between" hatc and hata is beta and "between" hata and hatb is gamma`. If `A(hatacos alpha),B(hatbcosbeta) and C(hatc cosgamma),` then show that in triangle ABC, `(|hataxx(hatbxxhatca)|)/(sinA)=(|hatbxx(hatcxxhata)|)/sinB = (|hatcxx(hataxxhatb)|)/sinC=(prod|hataxx(hat xx hatc|))/(sumsin alpha-cosbeta. cos gammahatn_(1))` where `hatn_(1)=(hatbxxhatc)/(|hatbxxhatc|),hatn_(2)=(hatcxxhata)/(|hatcxxhata|)and hatn_(3)=(hataxxhatb)/(|hataxxhatb|)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : From the sine rule, we get <br> `(AB)/(sin C)=(AC)/(sinB)=(BC)/(sinA)= ((AB)(BC)(CA))/(2DeltaABC)` <br> `BC=|vec(BC)|=|hatc cos gamma=-hatbcosbeta|=|(hata.hatb)hatc-(hatc.hata)hatb|=|(hataxx(hatbxxhatc))|` <br> `AC = |vec(AC)|=|hatbxx(hatcxxhata)|and AB = |vec(AB)|=hatcxx(hataxx hatb)|` <br> `DeltaABC=1/2|vec(BC)xxvec(BA)|` <br> `=1/2 |(hatc cosgamma-hatb cos beta)xx(hata cosalpha-hatbcosbeta)|` <br> `=1/2 |(hatc xxhata)cosalpha cosgamma+(hatbxxhatc)cosalphacosbeta+(hata xx hatb)cos beta cos alpha|` <br> `2DeltaABC=|sumhatn_(1)sinalphacosbeta cosgamma|` <br> `(|hataxx(hatbxxhatc)|)/sinA=(|hatbxx(hatcxxhata)|)/sinB=(|hatcxx(hataxxhatb)|)/sin C = (prod|hata xx(hatbxx hatc)|)/(|sum sinalpha cosbeta cosgamma hatn_(1)|)`


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