Let `G_(1), G(2) and G_(3)` be the centroid of the triangular faces OBC, OCA and OAB of a tetrahedron OABC. If `V_(1)` denotes the volume of tetrahedron OABC and `V_(2)` that of the parallelepiped with `OG_(1), OG_(2) and OG_(3)` as three concurrent edges, then the value of `(4V_(1))/(V_2)` is (where O is the origin

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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today's question is Jivan G2 G3 centroid of triangular pieces OBC A and B of tetrahedron ABC if we want the volume of tetrahedron ABC and we to denote the parallelepiped of it was even more Jeetu and was z3 has read for 10 minutes to find the value of V1 V2 is where is the origin of this problem we need to know the formula volume of tetrahedron and volume of parallelepiped when there is a tetrahedron ABC ABCD 10 volume of tetrahedron can be written as volume of hydrogen atom can be

1 by 6 to 8 of Ab and CD but it is modulus and similarly new ABC beta current current Lo 5 confronted yuphoria 5110 volume of parallelepiped volume low can be written as that of modulus and volume and we also need to know a small concept from determined that a + b + a + b +

3 + 1 is equal to vice president of sea as it is to winning the position of hydrogen latest Resume the position vector of a has a vector of a small beard position vector of a need to write the formula for volume of tetrahedron volume of tetrahedron is equal to 1 by Y Baat Bieber and kosi factors of health we can write a bar is equal to small has its origin which is mentioned is a question and wire becomes more

gobi become small the end was cheaper become small see it is given in the question volume of tetrahedron equation models v11 kis equal to 1 by 6 into a b c which polar modulus it is given to LG 3 Android Android for the triangular faces OBC and if we can write the centroid 401 per is equal to zero + b + 53 Oz 12 bar is equal to zero + C + 3 is equal to zero

plus three years of abc's smallest Maulvi malls in question we do is the volume of parallelepiped volume of parallelepiped volume 5 which county original 401/402 43 inch Android volume of parallelepiped as that of 12 and 42 and 43 part as we found that we found was even worse to watch it the values of us and we get equal to stop a b + B3 + C3 and C4 plus 3

upon taking common one buy 3 get equal to 1 by 3 of that a + b + c and C plus as mentioned above that of a + b + 3 bit of a + b + c is why is the desktop to is equal to 2 by 3 to that of ABC be found about equal to 1 by 8 if we see in the question remains to find the value of V1 V2 foundry 18431 can be written aur bhai 16228 ABC which application we can we 1 is equal to 2 by 3 into

equal to v2v found that everyone is equal to the value of four way One by Two become one is the value of 41 by V2 is equal to 1

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