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Let f(x,y)=0 be the equation o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`(2,(29)/(10))``((29)/(10),2)``(-2,(29)/(10))`None of these

Answer : B

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if function Excel comma Y is equals to zero by the equation of a circle if function at 0 Lambda is equal to zero has equal roots that is Lambda to commit to and function is equal to zero has route Lambda is equals to 4 by 5 5 then the centre of the circle to the assume the function I will be equation of circle equation of circle will be X square + Y square + 20 X + 28 Y + C is equal to zero that we have assumed here so we will write your let know the value of function at zero value of function at the xnx0com and invite Lambda come 40 square + b square + 2 b in 20 + 2

into Lambda + C is equal to zero now we get Lambda square + 2 X + 3 is equal to zero now here it is given that its roots are route of given equation is 22 or 24 week and the route will satisfy this equation for putting two years we get to square + 2 into 2 + C is equal to zero it will become 4 + 4 Y + C is equal to zero now f will be is equal to minus 2 and she will be is equal to four now it is given that the value of function at Lambda zero then function at Lambda zero will be Lambda

20 square + 20 + in 20 + C is equal to zero the following this forget Lambda square + 2 + C is equal to zero now we know that she is equals to 4 so here it is also given that value of Lambda are 4 by 5 and 5 for putting your 585 square + 2 into Lambda + value of CS4 now following this we get value of G F - 29 by 10 mg and we know that Centre is represented by -3 and -4 the centre will be 29 end to this is a correct answer thank you

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