Let f(x)=lim_(n to oo) ((2 sin x)^(2n))/(3^(n)-(2 cos x)^(2n)), n in Z. Then



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Updated On: 25-5-2021

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at `x=n pm(pi)/(6)`, f(x) is discontinuous`f((pi)/(3))=1`f(0)=0all of the above

Answer :
Solution :
We have `,f(x)=underset(n to oo)lim ((sin^(2)x)^(n))/(((3)/(4))^(n)-(cos^(2)x)^(n))` <br> In the neighbourhood of `x=n pi pm (pi)/(6)`, we have `f(x)=(0)/(0-0)`, which does not exist. Hence, f(x) is discontinuous at `x=n pi pm pi//6, n in Z` Also, we have <br> `f((pi)/(3))=underset(n to oo)lim ((3)/(3))^(n)/(((3)/(4))^(n)-((1)/(4))^(n))=underset(n to oo)lim (1)/(1-((1)/(3))^(n))=1` <br> `and f(0)=underset( n to oo)lim (0)/(((3)/(4))^(n)-1)=0` <br> Hence, option (a),(b) and (c ) are correct.



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone the question is let f of X equal to Limit n tends to Infinity 2 sin x ^ 2 when divided by 3 to the power n minus 2 cos x ^ 2 for all and belongs to Z then we are given for option at equal to n plus minus 5 by 6 effect is discontinuous f of Pi by 3 equal to 120 of the above given that limit and we need to evaluate it with respect to the options given letters for first option in this we are told that affects is discontinuous at this point so let us consider f bye-bye 6 that will be equal to Limit n tends to Infinity 2 sin pi by 6 value that is power bi 6:30 degree so 1 by 2 to the power
01:00 - 01:592n / 3 to the power n minus of 2 into root 3 by 2 to the part 212 what we will get ok and here we will get 3 to the power n and here also we will get 3 to the power and 212 will get cancelled and its root 3 square will be 32 this is of the form 1 by zero ok sorry and intense Infinity it is of the form when my Infinity that is finite upon infinite that mean this is not defined and synthetic not define so what we can say that this function effect is discount at this point to an option in comes out to be true 9 Letters t for option B what we're given if a Pi by 3 equal to 12
02:00 - 02:59find what is the value of f of Pi by 3 that will be equal to Limit n tends to Infinity 2 into root 3 by 2 to the power to when divided by 3 raise to the power n minus 2 into 1 by 2 raise to the power to so what we will get will get limit n tends to infinity c212 cancelled root 32 the part 2 and 3 to the power and divided by 3 to the power minus 1 into the path to and since n tends to infinity do we get a value of one that means option these also correct and here we got option A also correct latest for option see that is what type of the road so f of zero so what it will be limit of N tends to infinity
03:00 - 03:59distance time 0 will become 020 ok and this will be divided by what 3 raise to the power n and to cause the role will be 12 to raise to the power that is 10 upon some finite so that is equal to zero that wins option she's also connect to my final answer will be what till ABC all the three are correct answer will be D all of the above thank you

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