Let f(x)a n dg(x) be two function having finite nonzero third-order derivatives f'''(x) and g'''(x) for all x in R. If f(x).g(x)=1 for all x in R , then prove that (f''')/(f') - (g''')/(g') = 3((f'')/f - (g'')/g).



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Updated On: 9-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59so this question is late effects and its be two functions having finite non zero third degree derivatives as if triple x and Z triple Des Paul explains to real number now if assets into it is equal to one for all it belongs to real number then prove that if Triple X X upon 1 minus ji Triple X upon x is equal to 3 into f61f -3.0 so that given condition we have effects in 2G X = 21 not differentiating it with respect to X will get if dash g f g dash is equal to zero so let this be a first equation now differentiating it again with respect to X
01:00 - 01:59Gate F3 plus FG dash + 2 into if dash dash is equal to zero now finding derivative of this equation again will now get if triple dash in 2g plus if in 2G x x + 3 into X + 3 into f dash dash is equal to zero now to get design answer will realise equation and get if Triple X upon if dash and 2f dash ji class ji triple 10 points into cash + 3 into f double dash a bonus
02:00 - 02:59into FG dash + 3 into 5 into GF dash is equal to 0 9 rearranging this will get - of f triple dash upon if dash 3 into cash point into f g dash is equal to minus of ji dash upon ji dash + 3 into f double dash account into f into ji dash we have written this using one so in the next step will cancel out these
03:00 - 03:59two terms and decide Telecom + so hair we get our answer that is if triple dash upon if tash - ji triple dash upon ji dash is equal to 3 into f i s f - ji double dash upon ji hence we have proved the desired result thank you

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