Let f(x)a n dg(x) be differentiable for 0lt=xlt=2 such that f(0)=2,g(0)=1,a n df(2)=8. Let there exist a real number c in [0,2] such that f^(prime)(c)=3g^(prime)(c)dot Then find the value of g(2)dot



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Updated On: 22-4-2021

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Answer :



00:00 - 00:59OK so the given question here we have a slit effects ngx be differentiable for 0 to write such that at 0 is even worse is 2011 ts1128 let there exist a real numbers easily in range from 0 to such that every she is equal to 3 x of ji dicey right and left to find the value of g Tu so ke soti Billu first it is given to us that affects and gxr what is differentiable function that is given to us so basically from the interval 0 x belongs 2022 so basically by the use of lagrange theorem what we can write we know that affects NGS elephant stable it means a defect in JSON also counted as from the devil from 0 to 200 from this thing we can say that using lagrange theorem using lagrange mean value theorem we can come to this
01:00 - 01:59conclusion that enter any look for sale remove this one we can say that a number C will lie between 0 to write and differentiable function for it will be a b c w w w f b minus C so here is what F2 - 20 by 20 watt hear this is b and this is a so this will become B minus 2 minus zero do you know the value of root 2 is exactly F2 is 18 and you know the only 500 is what to Subah Se cli is Vikram 8 - 2y what to asali come 6 by 2 and the value of this will be administered by 6 produced three so basically the value of f dash she will be 3 night so what we have to
02:00 - 02:59now using this same thing we can write we can find a g Rashi so basically what is given to us in the question that 5-3 is three times of right and where the value of Odisha now so we can find the value of g Rashi Rashi is basically three times of GST and the value of a deceased asali 3 so when you put the value 3 hair with 3G dashi dashi will come up as vote one night is the value of gdcr we have so now you will do the same we find the value of FDI we will find the value of again because we have to find the value of g to sofa the function GX this time for the function GX for any variable in between 0 to 100 kg is Manali theorem what do you see that she will be GB GB will become what jio
03:00 - 03:592 - jio 0 and this will be converted to -0 ok and we know the value of gyration of which is one need to know the value of g to know this would be hard to find the value of g is zero ok let's go to the ocean check yes this is what you want to miss this one so what do you do now you put this value on to this this is become one basically here and this one will become to sunao do this multiplied to so we'll get to equals to G2 - 1 Suji to become what three so basically this is the value that we need to find according to the given question we have we have to find the value of theta equal to 3 and the value will come up as 3

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