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Let f(x) is a cubic polynomial...

Let `f(x)` is a cubic polynomial with real coefficients, `x in R` such that `f''(3)=0`, `f'(5)=0` . If `f(3)=1` and `f(5)=-3` , then `f(1)` is equal to-

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone letter start this question this question is that let effects be a cubic polynomial with real coefficients and access belonging to the real numbers such that have Double dash of 30-50 if F3 is one and F5 is minus 3 then F1 we need to find out the first let effects be equal to x cube + b x square + 3 X + d f dash eggs is basically a x square + 23 x + c and is given that evidence 50-56 basically five square it is 75 Plus

now we put 5 year then 10 b + c is zero now we have f double dash so if x is basically 3 a x Naat Sharif 66a so pics ax2 coming here so that is making 668 X + 2B just that much sunao this is updated 226 now it is given that EP 330 this is going to imply that 18 A + 2B is zero which is implying that 2 b = - 18 now let's look at

the values that is F3 is one so F3 is one by everyone implies just if you put the values they will be getting 27a + 9b plus 3 C + D is one and for F5 if you put in the values they would be getting 125 A + 25 b + 5 C + D is -3 call this number to call this number one now what we need to do is just subtract 1 from to that is 2 -1 would be giving us that 49a + 8

b + c is -2 actually this is after cancelling because to 125 - 27 is 98 and then after that too is to be cancelled from both sides of this is equation which is which would be remaining now we have another equation involving the parameter c and that is 75 A + tan B 25 A + tan b + c is zero so the value of C from here is the = - 75 - 10 be just put it here if you just put it there that is 49 A + 8 B this value of C - 75 - 10 B = -2 would be giving us -26 4900 - 26 A Plus 9

+ but a - 2B actually - 2B is -2 Navya just found -2 B2B + 18 so therefore - 26 + 18 a is -2 which is finally implying a to b 1 upon 4 a is basically 1 upon 4 now so is one upon 4 then b is -9 upon 4 features put in the values of A and B here 1 upon 4 and minus 10 x minus 9 upon 4 we get c2b finally 15 upon 4 now what the value of D just put in

the values of A B and C obtained in this equation in one if you just put it we get d2b 13.4 just put in the values of A B and C in this first equation so these this much now we need to find F1 we need to find if one so if one is basically the sum a + b + C + D which is 1 - 9 + 15 + 13 upon which is basically 20 upon 4 which is finally 5 that is the value of f15 open is equal to 5 it is going to complete the question thank you

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