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Let f(x) be a differentiable function satisfying f(y)f(xy)=f(x) , x,yR, y0 and f(1)0, f'(1)=3 then


Text Solution

sgn (f(x)) is non-differentiable at exactly one point
f(x)=x has 3 solutions
f(f(x))f3(x)=0 has infinitely many solutions
The correct Answer is A,B,C,D


as well as our discussion question is function to find this enough of an is not equal to zero and dash 1 is equal to 3 then guess this is standard form where f x is equal to when condition in effect will be of the form will be of the form in power in the condition now AP dash 1 is equal to 3-12 equal to n x x power n -1 and dash one will be equal to into 12 equal to
x cube in will be according to this effect is a function which graph look something like this something at zero value 0 9 0 it will be one and for something like this x cube not differentiable at X = 0 is correct for image processing
2012 cause of x minus one upon x is equal to zero in Hindi standard form and 20 to remember is that
cause of x limit coaching 20 x minus one upon X is always give the standard form is also the correct option is equal to X has 3 solution x = x implies its chemical 16 X 20 X 20 + - 13 solution this option if x minus x cube x is equal to zero has infinitely many solution of x minus y equal to x cube
minus 20 transfer and all the options are correct


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