Let f(x) be a differentiable function on the interval (-oo,0) such that f(1)=5 and lim_(a to x)(af(x)-xf(a))/(a-x)=2, forall x in R. <br>Then which of the following alternatives is/are correct?



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Updated On: 10-5-2021

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`f(x)` has an inflection point `f'(x)=3,AAx in R``int_(0)^(2)f(x)dx=-10`Area bounded by `f(x)` with coordinate axes is `2/3`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone today we are going to discuss one more question the question says that letter for fact the differentiable function on the interval - infinite 20 such that type of 1 = 25 and limit a stunning 2x a f x minus x minus x is equals to 2 for every experience rather than which of the following alternative is correct we have to find which of the following is correct as applied to of / 0:01 that limit standing to a minus x f when you apply limit as we apply limit is standing 2 x 2 x minus 1 by x minus effects by X - 600 from here so
01:00 - 01:59whenever we jio 50 form we use real hospitals rules by l hospital rule we can write it as limit a standing 2x here we differentiate a function is of the type of of / 8 of extending to extending to a week and write it has left a / dash whenever we get 050 from so here by simplified by this week and write it differentiation we can write l differentiation with respect to a is f of x minus x 5-8 / 1 year so we can write it as when you're standing standing to electric and write it is f of x minus x f f dish at this term is equals to 2 here so we can write is also = 22 here by simplifying the speak and write it as
02:00 - 02:59latest 1 Y is equals to affect aquatic Y is equal to f of x minus 1 is DY by DX is equal to 2 here by simplifying the speak and write it as near DY by DX b y b minus 2 is equals to de of X by integrating both side we can write it as here integration of DY by DX DY by minus 2 into 2 equal to 2 x y we can write it is slope of Y minus 2 is equals to love of X + log of C is integration constant by simplifying the speak and write it by minus 2 is equal to X see here to As given that in the question F1 is equal to 5 EP 1 is equals to 5 this one is implied here at x = 25 attach equal to 1 Y
03:00 - 03:59is equal to 5 years by simplifying the speak and write it as here at X = 21 Y = 25 so 5 minus 2 is equal to 3 is equal to 350 is equals to 3 here we can write it as y minus 2 is equals to X this one is employed by minus 2 is equals to see if we can write X is equals to 2 + 3 X here so first of all by the question we can create effect has inflection point So here at of x is equal to 3 + 2 map of Excise inflection point enough app double dash X is equals to zero has equal to zero point so as we get here all app crash at equal to hear 3 and a double dash is equal to zero for all X here so as we can see here at double dash x is equal to zero at exactly 1.1 or 2.1 of finite or
04:00 - 04:59infinite points then the function as inflection point as we can see here all point saree quotes 2009 function does not have any interaction point but apdascac sequence 23 is correct answer so there option B is correct now integration between 0 to 2 f of x dx is equal to integration between integration between 0 to 2 f of X is equals to integration between 0 to 2 3 X + 2 is equals to 3 into 2 + 2 X when we apply limit here we can write hi 10022 here Subah simplifying the speak and write their 3 into 4 is equal to 12 by 2 + 4 here to this can be written as pic which is equal to 10 years + 10 but in the options given that -10 soft MC is also described it now home to the last option area bounded by a perfect with coordinates is 2 by 3 if you find
05:00 - 05:59area near this one is the equation of line if so when we booked at = 20 we get here Y is equals 1 of 1 people think this one is at that X is a factor of x = 20 we get type of X is equals to this one is zero Tu point when we put Y is equals to zero at x = 20 we get here at is minus 2 by 3 + 1 is minus 2 by 3 and 0 now we have to find region between the straight line here so reason is equal to the area is equals to area can be written as here area is equals to 1 by into this is your 2132 this one is 2 by 3 year into height is here to so we can write a screw so we can write its area is equal to 2 by 3 year by comparing from option here we get our option d is also correct answer area is bounded by the co-ordinate Axes is 2 by 3 the right answer I hope you understand the explanation thanks for watching

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