Let f:(-pi/2, pi/2)->R, f(x) ={lim_(n->oo) ((tanx)^(2n)+x^2)/(sin^2x+(tanx)^(2n)) x in 0 , n in N; 1 if x=0 which of the following holds good? (a) f(-(pi^(-))/4)=f((pi^(+))/4) (b) f(-(pi^(-))/4)=f(-(pi^(+))/4) (c) f((pi^(-))/4)=f((pi^(+))/4) (d) f(0^(+))=f(0)=f(0^(-))



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Updated On: 22-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is minus 5 by 2 2.2 block to are there a limit and sons infinite and x to the power 2 and + x square by X square + 10 x to the power to 16 block 20 and belongs to an equal to one that is equal to zero find out which value is now from here let's say that is if N tends to infinity and the mode of x to the power n is also in this case as is greater than and extends to infinite is one x to the power x 21 then x is equal to 1 and mode of earth is modified to the power n is sending 2010 access less than
01:00 - 01:59we have given that in this case we have given that limit n tends to infinity and X ^ 2 + X + 10 x to the power n + x square and the whole divided by water and the whole divided by sin square x + 10 x ^ the power to and from this option for value is R pi by 4 and the value is 0 the value of the value of Y before that what it means it means that it is greater than when it is greater than fibre for them but we have been aware that is it belongs to infinite it belongs to infinite belongs to
02:00 - 02:59if these oblong 1111 and if app is F4 negative now we have is negative then before is negative then it is 1000 x 1000 from here it becomes the value of 200 + 5 by 4 then it becomes a square by 16 and the whole divided by this becomes what this value becomes 1 by 2 is the value of under root 2 and root a square by 2 + 0 buy it now price Karva put the value now let's all the value of minus 5 by 4 if the value
03:00 - 03:59negative so here we have it it is negative then becomes the value of this year the value is one of of of of -5 before positive then from here this value becomes the value of this it becomes the value of a square by a concern that bye-bye before positive that is equal to pi by 4 positive equal to minus 5 by 4 minus and and what type of fibre for negative fibre 4 negative that is equal to what type of minor software before positive now the value of a 40 50 put the value of f of zero here because it becomes the value
04:00 - 04:59type of zero positive that is equal to the value of zero then it becomes what one and if we put the value of f of zero negative then is also become one that is equal to 10 of this question thank you

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