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Application Of Derivatives


Let f be a function defined on...

Let f be a function defined on [a, b] such that `f^(prime)(x)>0`, for all `x in (a ,b)`. Then prove that f is an increasing function on (a, b).


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `text(We have to prove that the function is always increasing i.e.)` <br> `f(x_1)ltf(x_2)text( for ) x_1ltx_2text( where )x_1,x_2in[a,b]` <br> `mathbf"PROOF"` <br> `text(Let ) x_1,x_2 text(be 2 numbers in the interval [a,b] i.e. ) x_1,x_2in[a,b]` <br> `And, x_1ltx_2` <br> `text(In the interval ) [x_1,x_2]` <br> `text(As f is defined everywhere, f is continuous and differentiable in )[x_1,x_2]` <br> `text(By mean value theorem, there exists c in) (x_1,x_2) text( i.e c)in(x_1,x_2) text( such that )` <br> `f'(c)=frac{f(x_2)-f(x_1)}{x_2-x_1}` <br> `So,f'(c)>0 text( for all )c in (x_1,x_2)` <br> `frac{f(x_2)-f(x_1)}{x_2-x_1}>0` <br> `f(x_2)-f(x_1)>0` <br> `text(So, we can say that for any 2 points )x_1,x_2 text( in interval ) [a,b]` <br> `text(Where ) x_2>x_1` <br> `therefore f(x_2)>f(x_1)` <br> `text(Thus, f is an increasing function in the interval [a,b])` <br> `text(Hence Proved.)`


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