Let f be a function defined on [a, b] such that f(x)>0, for all x(a,b). Then prove that f is an increasing function on (a, b).


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

We have to prove that the function is always increasing i.e.
f(x1)<f(x2) for x1<x2 where x1,x2[a,b]
Let x1,x2be 2 numbers in the interval [a,b] i.e. x1,x2[a,b]
In the interval [x1,x2]
As f is defined everywhere, f is continuous and differentiable in [x1,x2]
By mean value theorem, there exists c in(x1,x2) i.e c(x1,x2) such that
So,f'(c)>0 for all c(x1,x2)
So, we can say that for any 2 points x1,x2 in interval [a,b]
Where x2>x1
Thus, f is an increasing function in the interval [a,b]
Hence Proved.


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