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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


Let C_1and C_2 be two circles...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone this problem we are given two circles C1 and C2 in which state was lying inside Jivan and another circle C is lying inside the one that is touching C1 internally and C2 externally and we have to identify the locus of the centre of the circle which is given so it will look at the diagram for this problem this is the circle 7 Nisarg cycle C2 which is inside circle even in this is a circle C for which you find the locus of the centre will let us assume the centre of the circle C net code net bhi kahan42 circle C to let the central be a comma be both a constant Hindustan Centre for circle

700000 is a equation at this point a to point B B so Sunday figure we can easily see that the distance away the radius of circle C plus radius of circle to distance formula we can easily put the value of x minus A square minus a minus b square similarly Minister Who We will be equal to radius of circle C1 - radius circle and additional from that will be at 90 square + 3 - 0 and add this value that is where we will get a

AC 21 equal to minus A square + a minus b dukandar as a square + 2 is a constant because in the problem we are given the circle circle C1 C2 is given and its radius will be also be a constant similarly rc1 is also given because circle is given to this is also the right side is a variable only in terms of H and K and H required local is this only required Lucas we will replace in cable X and Y respectively equal to x minus A square

Y minus b square root under X square + Y square equals to rc2 rc1 can be obtained by the equation of circle equation of circle in the problem given circle which may be given the equation of the circle indirectly from where we can find the radius of these when is given to the finally locus which we are obtained for the circle

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