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Class 11






Linear Inequalities


Let a;b be positive real no. ;...

Let `a;b` be positive real no. ; `alt|x|ltb` (ii) `ale|x|leb` (iii) `ale|x-c|leb` (iv)`alt|x-c|ltb`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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last video mein Humne modulus function ke Kuchh properties Dekhe the case Mod of X is less than a minus x ke bich Mein if Mod of x is equal to a theatre - less than equal to X less than equal to am Agar Mod of x to the greater than a Hota To iska matlab X is less than 1 lesson -3 Union Jo Ek so that is created in am and if Mod of X is greater than equal to a range of the excess less than equal to minus a union X is greater than equal to 2 April 4 properties of the last Mein Dekhi class video mein dekhiae it is video mein Hamen for properties were given a B positive real numbers to MOD of X Agar A or B ki Bhishma is less than equal to MOD X is less than equal to b is is less than equal to MOD of x minus is a list

is less than x minus 3 less than B to increase values kya hongi to pahle Ham first group Dekhte not a is less than Mod of X is less than B to escape room Sonipat ki model exam a given a greater than iska matlab Ek school life between minus infinity minus a union as Infinity for a given a mod of X is less than B and C Milega - 20 X B main like karta hai ab Hamen pata ki bich Mein that is created any that means -20 lesson -328 mode of a real values nikaalne ke liye itne Mein number line plot karna hoga to idhar aaega minus b minus C A and B the first kiske accordingly minus infinity se -3 Union as Infinity on it as kiske coding a - PCB ke bich Mein chachi thik hai Tamara point of intersection a Gaya Iske cruel iska matlab x ki Ranger y

minus b square minus a union ACB Oriya Mein 1st Mein given the so this is a required reading minus b minus a union ACP taken ab Ham S relation date that is is less than equal to MOD of X is less than equal to be listened the last video mein dekha tha ki less than equal to or greater than equal to ka matlab kya hota hai ki Arbi ki wali Sabhi Wale Ko iska matlab x minus b minus a minus b ki values bhi hongi to Jo Hamara a letter model lesson 1 equal to usmein Regenta Ek Din my ex belong Karta minus b minus C Union ACB To Agar Ham Dekhen a less than equal to MOD X equal to be screened yoga experience to minus minus A minus Union ACB Hamara S relation to improve kar diya Garam Dekhe to minus A minus the union in C

ab Hamara third relation dekhta to third relation hai ki ek se lekar 1 lesson equal to model x minus 3 equal to be a program Dekhen x minus 3 is greater than equal to iska matlab Devaki x minus y belong Karega minus infinity se - Union AC Infinity mean that meets x minus 3 is less than minus x minus 3 is greater than these X is less than minus A + c is excess latency - 3 and X is greater than a + c to Hasimara train jagah ki x belongs to minus infinity C - Union A+ se hamare pass a gaye Infinity Tak ab dusra x minus C Mod of x minus is less than equal to 2 Agar I'm taking Agar Ham idhar Dekhte minus infinity se mahine se

CRP value Ham closed interval Milenge Aveda Ramdev ki Hota Hai - 20 Se Lekar x minus C Jawabi Tak per very Karta Hai that means C - 20 g a b + c tak chalega this value is Samay X ka dusra interval Lagaya program value system in car point of intersection Lena Hoga Yahan per mere pass aaega C - ho gya C - FIR hamare pass aaega Thodi Si minus b + c minus a + b + C + B2 kiske according and latency -3 and greater than equal to C plus a and S Kiska recording is C - 20 g k b + c ke bich Mein Saiya Mare intervals are gaye the point of intersection Ho Gaya experienced a minus b minus C union c plus AC + beta to Yog Hamara X ka range

Hamen chahie Jo Mein free mein prove karna tha Jo Humne proof Karti Ham theek hai ab 4th Main Hamen kya kya Banegi age lete Mod of x minus C lete hain bhi nahin per lete Nahin Ja Ja Agar lesbian x less than or equal to sign a Jaega C - 20 G C minus b union c plus AC + B2 yogya Mare 4th what causes Jo Hamen chahie Tha Jo Maine proof kar diya Tu is video mein Humne last video ke results ko Lekar is Sare 4 theorems proof kar diya nexodem Dekhenge ki modulus function Agar Hota uska solution set kaise nikaalte hain


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