Let a real valued function f satisfy f(x+y)=f(x)f(y)x,yRandf(0)0 Then g(x)=f(x)1+[f(x)]2 is


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the question let a real real valued function as satisfy f of X + Y is equal to ab into the affair where extra belongs to real number under 40 is not equal to zero then jio X equal to x divided by 1 + X whole square is this is all we have to find whether GST is even or odd for periodic properties of now we have been given type of X + Y is equal to X into so if we will put at X equal to zero and Y equal to zero the situation becomes reservation 1st question becomes a 40 would be equal to 40 into a 40 that is a 40 whole square Sutra a week
40 square minus 40 is equal to zero taking a 40 this becomes zero invented 0 - 1 is equal to zero the possible values of a 40 is a 40 can be zero or upon 0 can be one but in question it is already mentioned above zero cannot be equal to zero so we will ignore this case we will take this quiz 20 value by extracting is equal to now we can put we are getting a 40 equal to Guntur function should be of the form of e to the power x upon X + Y is equal to 4 x
swipe Elite plus if you see here putting this becomes Expressway which is equal to e to the power x ^ equal to explain the function that we will assume this effect is equal to x x is equal to x divided by 1 + x square this is yesterday we have to find whether this is even or odd should be the subject to this value of a Express becomes e to the power x divided by 1 + sin to the power 2 x now to check whether this function is even or odd ok we will have to put minus x in place of x to this becomes
it to the power minus 3 x divided by 1 + sin to the power minus 2 X becomes in retteri Pandit power is negative 1 + 1 divided by 8 to the power 2 x is equal to e to the power 2 X Virgo care and we have in division e to the power x simply right Miner Software Industry comes very close to the power 2 X again when we will take the LCM in the denominator we will get 1 + 2 X like this so minus x is equal to from where we get e to the power x divided by 1 + 3 to the power to wear a Rasul exactly
is the value of jio and jio manufacturing cost for exactly equal to zero fix this is even function consider this is the event the correct option is option one evil

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