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Let A be an mxxn matrix. If there exists a matrix L of type nxxm such that LA=I_(n), then L is called left inverse of A. Similarly, if there exists a matrix R of type nxxm such that AR=I_(m), then R is called right inverse of A. <br> For example, to find right inverse of matrix <br> A=[(1,-1),(1,1),(2,3)], we take R=[(x,y,x),(u,v,w)] <br> and solveAR=I_(3), i.e., <br> [(1,-1),(1,1),(2,3)][(x,y,z),(u,v,w)]=[(1,0,0),(0,1,0),(0,0,1)] <br> {:(implies,x-u=1,y-v=0,z-w=0),(,x+u=0,y+v=1,z+w=0),(,2x+3u=0,2y+3v=0,2z+3w=1):} <br> As this system of equations is inconsistent, we say there is no right inverse for matrix A. <br> The number of right inverses for the matrix [(1,-1,2),(2,-1,1)] is



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Let right inverse be `[(a,b),(c,d),(e,f)]`. Then <br> `[(1,-1,2),(2,-1,1)][(a,b),(c,d),(e,f)]=[(1,0),(0,1)]` <br> Now, `a-c+2e=1` <br> `b-d+2f=0` <br> `2a-c+e=0` <br> `2b-d+f=1` <br> This system of equations has infinite solutions.



00:00 - 00:59Shooter dare questions for mattresses for the question is let a p and m into and matrix if there exist a matrix l of time and into m + that fell into a will multiply and then the answer will be identity Matrix OK then will be called the left inverse of a similarly for right inverse 15 multiply l to the right to the right of way that it will be the writing was ok to similarly there exist a matrix are of type and by an such that a into our is equal to identity Matrix then High School to writing so here we are given an example what we have to find ok left come directly to what happened to find the number of right inverse of matrix this ok 1 - 122 - 112 be up to find the right enough of this matter as this matrix is 2 by 3 order so that investors will be 3
01:00 - 01:59by 2 order right -12 To Let The Right inverse b a b c d e f ok so I am letting it when will X the result will be identity Matrix right so when we will multiplied will get a minus b + 2a to a minus C that's it b - 3 + 2 x to the - 3 + F is equal to 1001 right nice waiting if we liquid both side how many questions will get will get 40 questions a minus b + C is equal to 1 b - 3 + 2 is equal to
02:00 - 02:59zero 12 - 3 + 3 is equal to zero and two b - 3 + F is equal to 1 questions and there are 6 variable so we have to let us have to assume two variables right now if a variable then how many values can there be there can be Infinity Infinity infinite values that as we can assume anything to the answer is infinite ok there will be infinite right inverse of this matrix

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