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Let a, b, c, d, e, be the observations with mean m and standard deviation s. The standard deviation of the observations a+k, b+k, c+k, d+k, e+k is (a) s (b) k s (c) s+k (d) s/k



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Updated On: 26-3-2021

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Answer :
Solution :
Given observation are a,b,c,d and e . <br> Mean =m`=(a+b+c+d+e)/5 ` <br> `Sigmax_(i)=a+b+c+d+e=5m` <br> `mean=(a+k+b+k+c+k+d+k+e+k)/5` <br> `=((a+b+c+d+e)+5k)/5=m+k` <br> `therefore " " SD=sqrt((Sigma(x_(i)+k)^(2))/n-(m+k)^(2))` <br> `=sqrt((Sigma(x_(i)^(2)+k^(2)+2kx_(i)))/n-(m^(2)+k^(2)+2mk))` <br> `sqrt((Sigmax_(i)^(2))/n-m^2+(2kSigmax_(i))/n-2mk)` <br> `sqrt((Sigmax_(i)^(2))/n-m^(2)+2km-2mk)` <br> `sqrt((Sigma_(i)^(2))/n-m^(2))` <br> s`



00:00 - 00:59high beam 100% given that a b c d e b observation with mean and standard deviation and standard deviation of the observation a + b + C + D duplicate collection part solution of mean is given by a + b Kachi Pradeep ASCII value of a + b + c h a m p question mark now standard deviation is what is a square b square formula with no permission of x x whole square upon any 5 Y - let's meet equation
01:00 - 01:59to now get to find the standard deviation of this let me let calculate new and dash and dash will be for a + b + C + ke duplicate key + K equal to a + b + K + K + C + K + 5 equal to a + b + C + + despite ke 51 this values 5.5 plus 5t upon 5 is equal to impact Qatar temperature now talking about standard division that represent the standard deviation by S dash square will be equal to summation of
02:00 - 02:59XI holder square - upon 5 - in place of it will be a whole square kahira told commission of acted as whole square upon 5 minus a + b whole square is a whole square dresses a square + b square + c square Pradeep public square find the value of summation of hold as from here I am calculating commission of X-Ray holder squire will be a + a square + b + C whole square lucky Plus ke whole square Deepak ke housewife lucky Plus ke whole square you can use the formula of a plus b whole square
03:00 - 03:59with a square + b square + 2 AV wicket a square + b square + c square this quarter is quarter it will lead to a case to be case of a week and took a common a + b + 3 + 3 + 3 will be 1585 m from 1 to 5 + 5 x 5 square what is this status Tamil of x square ft commissioner of Excise square it is chlorophyll B square + c square + b square + c square + 2 k and 255 K square foot the value of x square cooking 251 the 5K square upon 5 - 8 m square + Y
04:00 - 04:59square + 2 k into app commissioner of Excise square by 5 + 5 get cancelled out your air ticket to Kintu M + b square events cancelled or minus A square + b square + get cancelled out is also get cancelled out so we are left commission of a square B square minus A square and what is this place is nothing but equation number to act as a square so we can write as dash whole square as a square is the answer thank you bye good and you mean for the new mean will new standard deviation will be new standard deviation will be same as previous that it will be equal to S only
05:00 - 05:59thank you bye

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