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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


Let a ,b , c be the sides of...

Let `a ,b , c` be the sides of a triangle, where `a!=b!=c` and `lambda in R` . If the roots of the equation `x^2+2(a+b+c)x+3lambda(a b+b c+c a)=0` are real. Then a.`lambda<4/3` b. `lambda>5/3` c. `lambda in (1/3,5/3)` d. `lambda in (4/3,5/3)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`lamda lt 4/3``lamda lt 5/3.``l epsilon(1/3,5/3)``lamda epsilon (4/3,5/3)`

Solution : `Dge0` <br> `4(a+b+c)^(2)-12lamda(ab+bc+ca)ge0` <br> `(a^(2)+b^(2)+c^(2))-(3lamda-2)(ab+bc+ca)ge0` <br> `:.(3lamda-2)le((a^(2)+b^(2)+c^(2)))/((ab+bc+ca))` <br> Since `|a-b|ltc` <br> `impliesa^(2)+b^(2)-2abltc^(2)`……i <br> `|b-c|lta` <br> `impliesb^(2)+c^(2)-2bclta^(2)`.......ii <br> `|c-a|ltb` <br> `impliesc^(2)+a^(2)-2caltb^(2)`..........iii <br> From Eqs i, ii and iii we get <br> `(a^(2)+b^(2)+c^(2))/(ab+bc+ca)lt2`............iv <br> FromEqs i and iv we get <br> `3lamda-2lt2implieslamdalt4/3`


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question kelate ABC with side of triangle theek hai and Lambda belongs to our if the root of the equation this call 20 real then Lambda Chaliye dekhiae question kya hai a b c are side of triangle and are sides of triangle sides of triangle Agar yah triangle ke side se to bataiye Kya Ho Jaega To Ham likh sakte hain Mod of a minus b less than Mod c theek hai koi dikkat nahin hai agar yah triangle hai abhi Hai is donon site ka jo difference Hoga ya Iske iske liye Chhota Hoga theek hai yahan to koi dikkat nahin hai

yahan se kya likh Sakta Hai Jara bataiye squire video + b square minus 2 AV sorry a square + b square minus 2 a b less than a squire likh sakte hain Koi dikkat Nahin Yahan per theek hai similarly similarly Har EK pair of side ke liye Agar Ham ki friends nikalenge to kya kya aayega Abhi Abhi ka nikale hain ISI ke liye nikale square + Y square - 2 AC less than b square is donon ko add Karenge to bataiye kya ho jaega is Dono Ko Jab Ham add Karenge to squire Kya Hua Jara

bataiye yah ho jaega Agar Yahan per kya ho jaega Jara sochiye Yahan per ho jaega Agar teenon ko mein add kar deta hai isko isko Aur Ek Aur likhate Hain vah Kya Hoga Wagah b square + c square minus 2 BC lesbian kya hoga square thik hai first second third on adding first second and third bataiye Jab teenon ko add Karenge to kya aayega square + b square + c square less than 2

Pintu AB + BC + CA yahan se a square + b square + c square upon a b + BC + CA less than two ho jaega theek hai PDF question mein kya kaha Gaya Hai if the root of the equation are real ISI question ka route Mera real hai theek hai yahan se dekhte hain equation kya hai ki question hai mera Pareshan Hai Mera x x squire equation is X square + 2 + b + 12 x + 3 a b + BC + CA cal 20

Mera equation hai question ka route serial hai theek hai yahan se mein kya likh sakta hai be a square A + B + c ka whole square minus 4 Y - 4 into a to see any ki -3 Lambda AB + BC + CA Main Phone ko common Umar Nikal Ke Nikal diya hai theek hai to bataiye yah chij a Gaya ISKCON greater than equal to zero likhate Hain To bataiye to yah kya ho jaega a square + b square + c square upon a b + BC + CA greater than 3 Lambda -2 aayega Yahan per dijiye Ko Nahin sorry I thought Hai Isko fourth bol dijiye usko cute bol dijiye

to from 4th and 5th Ham kya likh sakte hain from 4th and 5th Ham likh sakte hain SO free Lambda -2 less than $2 and 43 aayega thik hai aur Vahi 343 kaun sa option hai main sirf number 43

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