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Let A, B and C be three points taken on the parabola y^(2)=4ax with coordinates(at_(i)^(2), 2at_(i)), i=1, 2, 3, where t_(1), t_(2)" and "t_(3) are in A.P. If AA', BB' and CC' are focal chords and coordinates of A', B' and C' are (at'_(i)^(2), 2at'_(i)),i=1, 2, 3, them t'_(1), t'_(2)and t'_(3) are in



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Updated On: 30-5-2021

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APGPHPnone of these

Answer :
Solution :
It is given AA', BB' and CC' are focal chords. <br> `:." "t_(1)'=-1/t_(1)," "i=1,2,3.` <br> `rArr" "t'_(1),t'_(2),t'_(3)" are in H.P. "[becauset_(1),t_(2),t_(3)" are in A.P."]`



00:00 - 00:59hello student question is let ABC be three point taken on parabola y square equal to 4 ok with coordinates API square 284123 open beti 1323 r a p ok T1 T2 T3 if a b b dash dash 8 focal chord and coordinates of a dasvi diseases are ATI dashsquare 82123 Dhan he 1-2-3-4 Aryan and these are our production we have to take which of the following option is correct ok student placement without first of all I am going to discuss the important thing about vocal cord before solving this problem with this point a
01:00 - 01:59whose perimeter is T1 out focus point Ada ok and if this represents poker club ok if this is even then this will become -1.1 ok but according to question this is presenting as the one that will write this t1and discharge end point of 10 Vin No 1 relation between both the parameter that even into a 1-2 cause 2 - 1 this was for a year now there is given B and end point of other other pokecord it be dead and 4b it is to Nerul To
02:00 - 02:59is 24 point we can write 2 into 2 equal to minus points p for which it is 3 in both the cases I is 33 in 23 days is equals to minus one ok students so have written this once again from where we can write the 1 is equals to minus one upon under root 2 is equals to minus one upon two days and T3 is equals to minus 1 upon 3 days and hear what is given in question is T1 T2 T3 are in AP business that to time T2
03:00 - 03:59will be close to you one plus P3 ok now we can it to minus one upon treated as to minus 2 upon to dash is equals to minus one which is minus one upon 31-33 minus one upon T3 De ok now I'll multiply negative sign in to what will get one upon a 1-1 upon it to dash is equals to 1 upon 3 3-3-2 upon ok with that
04:00 - 04:5931-32 Dash 3-8 in HP HP because we know that if a b c are in HP then to a point B is equals to 1 upon A + 1 upon 3 ok third of penis correct student

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