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Let A and B be two sets such tat : n(A)=20 ,\ n(AuuB)=42\ a n d\ n(AnnB)=4. Find n(B-A)



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Updated On: 9-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:5911 question is if let n be used to start to set circuit and a is equal to 20 number of elements in a is equal to 20 number of elements in a union b is equal to 42 and an intersection b is equal to four we need to find a and b - so first let me show that what does this - a different so this is bar set Universe inside you and there are two sets support this is a m this is this is a and this is the so here we have to find B minus 8 means this is our beta this do so by minus A means the state which contain will not contain a so if you look at it and this is the part of a
01:00 - 01:59also this is this this parties a intersection b so we need to evaluate the minus b - 88 to remove this part and this is RRB -8 this part is our this part is B minus a week and evaluate this part by this is total Set B minus a intersection b minus A part can be evaluated by A and B minus n is a intersection b this is our blue this is our b - A500S be set to by removing a intersection b we will get this version was being used to evaluate so first will calculate B then we will calculate this and B minus a relation
02:00 - 02:59that Vinod a relation that n a union b is equals to n a Plus and B minus and a intersection b trim the values and even be given us 42 n is equal to 20 and we will calculate A and B and an intersection b s and p is equals to 42 - of 20 plus of 4 so this will be 42 - 22 22 22 + 4 is 20 sex I am mention this this result this b and b minus A that n minus A is equals to
03:00 - 03:59n b minus and intersection b so this MB minus A is equals to NB NB 26 be evaluated Above and an intersection b given for -4 this is equals to 22 and minus is equal to 22 days only Nishu evaluation is answer thank you

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