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Let A and B be two sets in the...

Let A and B be two sets in the same universal set. Then, `A-B=` `A\ nnB` b. `A 'nnB` c. `AnnB '` d. none of these

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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question is too late to entertain Universal set then a minus b is given for that is in the section B intersection b intersection and none of these were considered this Venn diagram and this as set a and set b a minus b is this region that is the reason - subtracting the reason of intersection b so we need to calculate the blue part that is the blue shaded part in the diagram latest 1 by option by option so a part is a sin b o a intersection b is this part that is this shaded part but we need to calculate blue part 286 and b is not the answer to now let's move on to the other option that is the option number be so that is a dash intersection b

intersection b means a dashare means Union - that a this well at this region as a leader and a that intersection b so the region which is perfectly in the set is this region that is the part of the - intersection a minus sin a sin b Padmini to calculate this again this is not answer now talking about the third part that is a intersection b dash talk about a intersection b union MI what we are saying it leaders is the region twitches Union -3 and union minus b intersection a will be required answer that is that will be the set equal and to a minus b 28-8 same as a minor

be complete solution thank you for watching


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