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Let A and B be sets. If A nnX ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `A= A nn (A uu X)` <br> `= A nn (B uu X)` <br> `= (A nn B) uu (A nn X)` <br> `=(A nn B) uu phi` (by distributive law) <br> `A = Ann B` eqn(1)<br> now `B= B nn (B uu X)` <br> `= B nn (A uu X)` <br> `= (B nn A) uu (B nn X)` <br> `= (B nn A) uu phi ` <br> B`= (B nn A)` eqn(2)<br> so by eqn 1 & 2, `A=B` <br> hence proved


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hello everyone is tutorial Mein ham log Dekhenge let A and B if this and this happens then we have to show that is equal to be important result use Karenge yah is equal to hota hai intersection a union X aur Y is equal to Hoga bhi Union B intersection b union X2 pahle relation ko dekhna hai yahan per ham log Ne kha liya ham log Nahin liya is equal to intersection a union of Dekhenge Jo given ham log ko a union XDA kiske call Abhi Union X ke to put kar dete Hain Jaega intersection b union X theek hai ab ham log distributive property ka use Karenge to kya ho raha hai ya ho jaega a intersection b union intersection sorry

yah Hoga Jaega yaar intersection X Yahan per ham log given Hai intersection xkr if I hai tum Log Yahan Par uska use Karenge intersection b union intersection b is Koi question 3 Dete Hain yah question to ho jaega Mera ab equation to se ham log dekhte hain ki ham log call kar sakta hai Biji call to dekh ke yahan per bhi Union High School Unix likh sakte ho jaega intersection and union X distributive property ka use Karenge B intersection a union B intersection X OB intersection at ham Logon given Kya Kiya FIR hai to be intersection a union B intersection

ham log Jante B intersection C aur intersection b Mein Koi difference nahin hai ya nahin equation 45 Ham Log Yahan conclude kar sakte hain ki is equal to bhi Kyunki left hand side Kaise Dekhen sorry right hand side ke sath Dekhi equal hai to left hand side ke set bhi aqualung isliye is equal to b


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