Class 11






Binomial Theorem And Its Applciations


Let (1 + x)^(n) = sum_(r=0)^(n...

Let `(1 + x)^(n) = sum_(r=0)^(n) C_(r) x^(r)` and , <br> `(C_(1))/(C_(0)) + 2 (C_(2))/(C_(1)) + (C_(3))/(C_(2)) +…+ n (C_(n))/(C_(n-1)) = (1)/(k) n(n+1)`, <br> then the value of k, is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B


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oneplus X raise to power n is equal to summation of our from 0 to NCR Ekta nv12 find this this is equal to 1 upon 3 into 10 into 1 + 1 so I want to find the value of k first we know that we have we have that is NCR / NCR minus one that is equal to in minus A + 1 / / now now we know that is this can be written this can be written in general terms that is as n is equal to summation of summation of our into NCR / NCR -1 from our is equal to 1 to 12 a.m. so they can be returned the dissemination of our into this this can be returned in minot 8 + 1 / are these are in our cancel out so s m is equal to summation of n

minus plus one summation of n minus plus one from are equal to 0 to N so summation of 10 that is summation of n is equal to N into n n square and submission of our submission of it is equal to N into n + 1 divided by 2 because we know because we know summation summation of our from Oracle 202 n Tum of first n term first integrated into n + 1 divided by 2 and 2 and + 1 divided by 2 so we can use hair and summation of one that is equal to pretend so we can return return return is an equal to n n n is take for hair in minus 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 this can be written in / 22 is the LCM of 2 and minus

- 1 + 2 is written that is equal to N is equal to 1 by 2 20 - and it is equal to 1 and 2 minus 1 equal to 1 + 1 is compared with one bike into array into n + 1 so hair kg equal to hack into equal to 2 is equal to the answer that is option number 20 correct thank you