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Laxmi Electronics sold printer, costing Rs. 8260 (with GST), to a customer for Rs. 10,030 (with GST). The rate of GST is 18%. Find the taxable value of the printer in each case and the amount of CGST and SGST to be paid by Laxmi Electronics.


Text Solution

Let the purchase price of the printer be Rs. x
GST 18% GST=x×18100=Rs.18x100
purchase price with GST =Rs.(x+18x100)=Rs.118x100
The price of printer with GST is Rs. 8260 ……….(Given)
x=8260×100116=70×100=Rs.7000 ..........(Taxable value)
Input tax credit by Laxmi Electronics =Rs.(82607000)
Let the selling price of the printer be Rs. y
GST 18% GST=y×18100=Rs.18y100
selling price with GST =Rs.(y+(18y)100)=Rs.118y100
The selling price of printer isRs. 10,030 with GST ............(Given)
y=85×100=Rs.8500 (Taxable value)
GST collected at selling =Rs.(100308500)=Rs.1530..........2
Output tax by Laxmi Electronics =Rs.1530
GST payable = Output tax ITC
=RLs.(15301260)............[From 2 and 1]
Now CGST =SGST=12×GST=12×270=Rs.135
Ans. The taxable value of printer in each case is Rs. 7000 and Rs. 8500.
CGST = SGST =Rs. 135 to be paid by Laxmi Electronics.


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