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Latusrectum of the conic satis...

Latusrectum of the conic satisfying the differential equation xdy+ydx=0 and passing through the point (2, 8) is



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Updated On: 7-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Mukesh the question I have is latest rectum of the konak satisfying the differential equation with differential equation we have is equals to zero and passing through the points to it is ok so basically where to find out the latest rectum of the chronic stress is differential equation first ok so from the differential equation somehow I have to find my chronic right I have to find the curve then I can easily find the latter Satyam account will receive right soda 2 first look carefully ok my question is what X Y + y x of DX equal to 80 ke look Nawada to divide both side with X and Y ok for sale at both sides with X and Y ok so I care about first I can I did this form providing both sides with the product of X and Y so this will be covered this will become a DY
01:00 - 01:59bye-bye + 2 X by X equal to 80 kodalu I am going to delete this website and taking Education Board size this will become waiting outside highlighted on first integrating both ok this is both sides this will become this part will become the y y y + this will DX by X = what is a constant definition of this will be coming out for this is zero to this end after doing integration will see the terms as log Allah natural log of by the solution of X equal to 11 of cc is a constant innovation was to have a year now after removing this log I can write the equation of a sin to find these extracts what she tried x y z Kesariya receiving some cough in the form of a very very about this that this course is a cover of rectangular hyperbola rate at angular
02:00 - 02:59hyper bola ok so all you have to find the value of the sea Ok so this value see if I have to find how can I am ok questions is that they are also passing through the point 288 means that this was also satisfy these two points which are 28052 the values of 2 and 18 this equation is will become to this will become 84032 value will see the value of C will come across as 16 write values is coming to assess 16 so this equation is expected to see it will become what this will become a xy = 216 now ok sunao Maloom if I know this is a cover of rectangular hyperbola then what is the value of letters tractive effort to find the latest from length of latus rectum is have to find so we know that length of latest rectum is what length of latus rectum is
03:00 - 03:59under root 2 cos C ok to under root 2 of seed and I'll take this not CID this is why most listened to construct a square if I write a deer this is this nice c square 1st edition daw X Ray cost 24 today also is can also be done as xy crossword c square of which is FC square is w x y equal to Four Square Plate at me from this my sees what 4 now I know the length of it is atom is what to do to see soda Loom have to find the length of latus rectum this will come to under root 2 value of C is what 4 December comfort to the head and 8 root 2 is my answer you're looking for is the answer will receive ok sunao Allu Raghu the question I can get option 3 characters

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