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L O L ' and M O M ' are two chords of parabola y^2=4a x with vertex A passing through a point O on its axis. Prove that the radical axis of the circles described on L L ' and M M ' as diameters passes though the vertex of the parabola.



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Updated On: 19-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello student today our question is if l o l m o m are two chords of parabola y square equal to 4 x with the taxi passing through a point on its Axis prove that radical is of the circle described on ll dash mm dash as diameter passes through the vertex of the parabola to the solution of this question is firstly we draw the diagram for it so this is our y-axis and this is our x-axis now we draw a parabola here
01:00 - 01:59this is our kar hair point that is BCom aziro this point is this point is em dash this point is and this point is elders let the coordinator of m r l and M are so the co-ordinate of Allah 81 square comma 281 in the Mr 82 squared 282
02:00 - 02:59deltasious 83 square II 283/3 and hair is 84 square 82842 these are the co-ordinate now let the equation of the parabola is given a y square equal to 4 x equation is y square equal to 4 x so if O is any point on its axis and co-ordinate may be taken as we have taken the coordinator bakoma zero of so as l o l l o l dash and dash are two chords suppose that the coordinates of lb we have taken the coordinates of L M and M dash now the equation of
03:00 - 03:59equation of into addresses why do it oneplus 3 to this will cause to 2 X + twice of a given in to T2 since it passes through the end point so we can write here the co-ordinate will satisfy zero is equals to 2 b + 2 a.m. to T2 and T1 into 2 is equals to minus BBA from here we get teeth 182 - we were similarly
04:00 - 04:59similarly we can write here T3 and T4 is equals to minus a sore from here we get to know T1 to T2 is equals to T3 into T4 so this is our equation first now one for the now the equation of the circle drawn as the diameter so the equation of is x minus 1 whole square x minus 2 whole square + Y - 281 in 2 Y - 282 this will = 20 this is our equation S now the equation of circle of MDS this is for elders
05:00 - 05:59now 4mm does we get the equation x minus 3 x square into x minus 8 4 square + Y - 283 and Y - 24 and the syllabus 2019 physics question 3rd now equation of radical axis of 3 and 2 is obtained by subtracting equation third -2 so we get here subtracting 3 - 2B get here a square and Square to square - 33 square minus into
06:00 - 06:59plus 4 a square into 2 - 33 in 24 support this is Lambda let this is equals to Lambda Shobha equation for stand for we get Lambda equals to 1 and 4 we get Lambda is equals to zero has the equation of x axis have no constant term so this is the answer and this radical is this radical axis passing through the vertex through the origin and the vertex of the parabola so it is passes through origin and vertex of the parabola so this is our answer thank you

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