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Mathematical Reasoning


Is the following sentences sta...

Is the following sentences statement or proposition? Justify your answer: Who are you?


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hello everyone in this question given is the following sentence statement for preposition ok justify your answer to the sentence given his who are you the sentence given is who are you and to find out whether is whether the sensor statement on preposition ok so as we know that a sentence a sentence will be will be called statement a sentence will be called statement other other it is either it is true or false that is true or false but not both ok so a sentence is called the statement when it is 100% true 100% it means the sentence should be decorative sentence should be declarative

sentence then only we can see that our given sentence is a given sentence is a statement know the given sentence is who are you know this is not a student why because this sentence is neither 100% true or not represent false ok so that's why we can say that this is this is not a this is not a statement this is not a statement thank you