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Introduction and definition of Scalar triple product



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Updated On: 24-6-2020

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Scalar Triple Product

In the discussion today, we will be focusing on the scalar triple product. A concept that is widely used in solving most of the algebraic and geometrical equations so that there is better applicability of the concept.

This is one of the concepts that are very much applicable in the geometrical figures and the calculations. There will be the implementation of this concept, mainly in the field of scalar triangle products. This will be quite evident that scalar triple product of vectors means the product of three vectors. This will also mean that we will be able to take out the dot product of one of the vectors with the cross product of the remaining two. It is denoted in the as

 [A b c] = (a × b). C

In this type of the geometrical representation, we will be able to devise the following conclusions by looking into the above formula:

i) In this, the resultant is always to be a scalar quantity.

ii)  In looking for the resultants, we will always calculate the Cross product of the vectors first, which is followed by the dot product, which gives the scalar triple product.

iii) if we take into account the physical significance of scalar triple product formula it will always be represented by the volume of the parallelepiped whose three co-terminus edges will always represent the three vectors am and c. this concept can be more clearly depicted in the figure that is given below.

Scalar Triple Product

As we can see in the above figure, the three vectors are represented by the coterminous edges with its coordinates. Here we will have the cross product of vectors a and b that will be the area of the base and also the direction of the cross product of vectors is seems to be perpendicular to both the vectors. The volume of the product is calculated as the area and height, wherein the height, in this case, is given by the component of vector c  that is drawn along the direction of the cross product of a and b. The component is also represented by c cost α.

So, if we are to represent the figure, we can conclude that for a denote Parallelepiped, where the coterminous edges will be denoted by three vectors and am and c then,

 When we have to input the formula for the same we have

 Volume of parallelepiped is represented by = (a × b) c cost α = (a × b). C

Here α is defined as the angle between (a × b) and

As we are going to apply the formula for the expansion of cross product of vectors. The equation that is to be represented will be given as:


There is also a representation of the same as we will be able to have the correct method for the implementation of the process mechanism represented as

Process Mechanism

In this equation, we will have the indicators of the dot product of two vectors. So here when we are using the properties of determinants, we will be able to expand the above equation i a more systematic manner as:

Dot Product of Two Vectors

So, when we are to apply the dot properties in the equation, we will be able to devise the following equations in the manner as given below:

Dot Properties in the Equation

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Properties of Scalar Triple Product:

 The scalar triple product as we know has been able to create the process for the application of the mechanism of the better implementation of the mechanism. There are few properties that have been listed below so that we will be able to have the proper process for the same.

i) In this, we can see that if the vectors are cyclically permuted, then we can have the following implementations for the formula.        

  (A × b). c = a.( b × c)

ii)  In the application process, we will see that product is cyclic in nature, which means that we will be able to implement the mechanism as the product of all the vertices.

 [A b c] = [ b c a ] = [ c a b ] = – [ b a c ] = – [ c b a ] = – [ a c b ]

iii)  Let but not the least, if the triple product of vectors is zero, then we can have inferred values to the vectors are coplanar, and there will be an implementation of the mechanism of calculation.

In this geometrical analysis, there is a triple product that indicates the volume of a parallelepiped. If we are to get the product as zero, under such a case could we will be having the any one of the three vectors is of zero magnitudes. And if we are to calculate the direction of the cross product of a and b is perpendicular to the plane in the given reference which contains a and b. The resultant dot product of the resultant with c will only be zero if we can have the input value of vector c also lies in the same plane. This is also because there will be the angle between the resultant and C will be 90 Degrees on each side

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