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Class 9






Number System


Introduction and Definition of...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Raees video mein baat karenge introduction and definition sabse pahle to introduce Karenge FIR definition bataenge irrational numbers ki so to begin with will say that abhi tak Humne decimals Bade right abhi Kuchh Piche Lakshman decimals padh rahe the Ek type Humne Pada tha Jisne ki terminating the correct Ekta terminating tha tha if I remember correctly 1 type jinki non terminating tha and it was repeating right to Ab Hamare question yah Hai Ki Kya Kya Hamesha Ho repeating hi hoga Ek Tu hai ki terminating Hai terminate ho gaya ek hi question ki Agarwal non terminating hai

To Kya Hamesha repeating hoga tab Yahan per Aata Hai Hamara irrational number 31 Rakesh hota hai decimal ka decimal Ka 31 Rakesh bhi hota hai when it is non terminating or non terminating to Ho Gai Hoga sath mein it is also known repeating to Yahan per Ek Xtra factor Jata Hai hamare pass non-repeating ka to whenever it is non repeating case then we are talking about our exceptional rational number To Kuchh example dekhte hain kya Agar Main pahle Kiska example ki baat karo terminating ka to many 1 example Ho Gaya 1 example Ho Gaya 1 example Ho Gaya and examples Jaenge agar mein dusre ke example

Tarun then we are talking about correct and so on any three Pawar agar mein aur baat Karun to meri sakta hun agar mein aur baat Karun to main yah bhi likh sakta hun so there are so many so many examples for this to ab mein iski Baat Karun suppose I like write this you're getting it Matlab Ki yah bhi Infinity Tak ja raha hai but there is no repeat station koi bhi pattern repeat Nahin ho raha hai yahan per Yahan per Agaram check Karenge suppose Mike example is root 2 root 2 bhi kisi company mein aata hai iska pattern repeat Nahin ho raha hai dekh sakte hain Aisa Nahin Rakhi 2011-2020 a raha hai vah

marble Badal ja raha hai that is what we are talking about it is non repeating in kg and feet but it is non repeating decimal part repeat Nahin ho raha hai aapka then we are talking about is rational number and irrational number ko define karne per aao to how will we define it to clearly Hum Itna Karenge bus ki vah number rational number hai vah number hai jo ki P by Q form may represent nahin kiya Ja sakta such that ki Apna Bhi aur Kyon belong to integer and kyon does not belong 202 Nagari present nahin kiya Ja sakta to vah number Hamara irrational number Chala Jata Hai that is what it is here ok ya FIR Ham yah bhi kar sakte hain ham

recorder function ki jo non-repeating abhi abhi Humne sikhata non repeating and non terminating or non terminating bhi hota hai yes non repeating and non terminating decimal number jo bhi Hamare jo bhi decimal representation Manga Se vah Hamare irrational number Kho Jaenge to either this or this ki donon definition iske liye sahi hai so we have completely define our is rational number in this video I am janenge ki Kaise determine Karte Hain ki koi number irrational Hai using square root method


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