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Lines And Angles


Interior of an angle...

Interior of an angle

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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Sugars is video mein Ham discuss Karenge interior of an angle interior yani ki angle Ke Andar Ka part what is it that start with its definition so Hamare definition Kahta Hai Ki the interior of an angle the interior of an angle is a set of all points this is important Ham Kahate Hain Ki vah Sare points ka set hai it is a set of all points in its plane explain per Hi Ek angle define sakta hai because I'm happy Dur his Ki Baat karen to do ek plane Palang Karenge aur in its plane which lie between its arms so vah Sare ke sare point joki undo Aam ke bich Mein like Karenge vah interior kahlate Hain they should live in between its arms important Hamen hair is between two

diagrams aap ko Samjhane ki koshish Karun then we're talking about Hamare do arms Ho Gaye Yahan per Hamare angle Kya Ho Gaya suppose this is this is b and this is C2 Nagar Yahan per points banana Shuru kar Dun suppose Yahan per Yahan per Yahan per Yahan per Yahan per Yahan per Yahan per aur Yahan per to main clearly bolunga ki the points which are lying between the arm Jaane Ki Indu arms ke bich Mein yah point yah point point point point not this point not this point and not this point jitne bhi Mein natak lagaya hai vah of course hinduon ke bich Mein like kar rahe hain that is a point Yahi Hamare interior Kaisa hoga to Hamara interior Kya Hoga yah site

yah Hamara interior cal aaega aur clearly Infinity se Jaega Kyunki Hamare donon infinity to Jaenge to infinity Tak Main Ramesh ko yahan se accident kar dunga to clearly Sabke bich Mein like Aane Wala set of points Hai vah Hamara interior cal aaega that's all ab next video mein Ham baat karenge exterior of an angle ki


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