Integrate the functionssinx1+cosx


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hello the question is integrate the function and act upon 1 + corporate so we have to integrate this function with respect to a OK so if you are sure that if we put 1 + cot X is equals to contain different than the differentiation of side will come create in this will be created ok and it can be replaced in terms of t DT ok so let's use such as because it will become easy to solve this integration ok so you Hindi sexy friend and hair 1 + cos x = 23 now difference between both side with respect to X differentiation 10 causes differentiation is - 9 x and into equal to DT ok so as I said no matter which
created n Si Di sin x dx can be written as -10 degree ok so it can be replaced with the minus sin and 1 + cos that can be ok it can be written as t now it one by two in one priority integration so we know that 1 by the integration is L&T Finance share L&T plus constant of integration Si will come and we know that LNT here it is a oneplus perfect vision it is minus 1 + cos x + constant of integration we will come ok therefore the integration of this function is going to be - 1 + cos b + c ok so this is a solution of a question thank you

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