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Integrate the functions sin 3x...

Integrate the functions `sin 3x cos 4x`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : ` int sin 3x cos 4x dx` <br> `=(1)/(2) int cos 4 x dx sin 3 x dx` <br> `=(1)/(2) int (sin 7x - sin x) dx` <br>` =(1)/(2) (-(cos7x)/(7) + cos x)+c` <br> ` =-(1)/(14) cos 7 x+ (1)/(2) cos x+c`


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advise to questions given here that is integrate the function sin3x x Cos 4x it supposed are integral is I which is equal to integration of sin x x x cos x dx and integrate this function now if you see here if we multiply and divide this whole equation by to that is equals to 1 by 2 X integration to rhymes of cause 4 x x sin x dx then this part right here this to cos4x x sin 3x becomes an identity for 2 cos a sin b ok so this is equal to sign of a plus b minus sign of a minus b is it the entity should be applied

here are I will be come then I will become half of integration of sin a + b + b minus 4 x + tricks that will be equal to 7 x minus sign of 4 x minus 3 X that is x dx so this is an integral now now will solve this this are in subtraction so we can directly separate this so I will be close to half of integration sin 7 x minus integration of sin x dx now we see here the integration of sin 7x is it me write a formula for this sin NX integration is one upon in

sign sorry one upon in minus Cos NX + c is the integration of sin x will apply this ke this integration I will become half of one upon any error 7 so one upon 7 times of this will be A minus Cos this integration of sin is minus Cos 7 x minus this integrable solve this is equals to minus minus Cos minus minus will become plus this will be cos x + see that is integral constant so will simplify simplify this further to this will be equals to eyes will be equal to 1 upon 4 3 times of minus Cos 7 x + cos x by

2 + c this is a solution to our given question this is the answer thank you