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`(1)/(2sqrt(2))log|(1+sqrt(2)sin2x)/(1-sqrt(2)sin 2x)|-1/2 (log|sec 2x-tan 2x|)+C``(1)/(2sqrt(2))log|(1+sqrt(2)sin2x)/(1+sqrt(2)sin x)|-1/2 (log|sec 2x-tan 2x|)+C``(1)/(sqrt(2))log|(1+sqrt(2)sin2x)/(1-sqrt(2)sin 2x)|-1/2 (log|sec 2x-tan 2x|)+C`None of the above

Answer :


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hello the questions is that integrate dates upon cos 2x into cos 4x and four options are there and we have to tell which option is set so let's start solving given that we have to integrate upon Cos A into cos 4x we have to integrate this so first of all what we will do we will multiply multiply and divide by 2 x 2 Vivian x sin 2x and divide by scientific so it becomes sin2x upon time

2 X into cos 2x into cos 4x now we can write in numerator Sin 2x sin 4 x minus 2 x square upon time to X into cos 2x into cos square x dx now we know the identity of Sin A minus b is equals to sin a into cos B minus Cos A into sin b by using this identity we will expand sin4x -2 should become integration of sin 4x cos 2x minus Cos 4x time to X upon

2x cos square x into cos x dx letter print them overcome sin 4x integration of sin 4x and Cos 2x upon sin 2x cos2x cos4x - integration of cos square x Into X upon sin 2x cos 4x cos 2x DX now pause x cos x cancel cos 4x + 4 x sin 2x sin to extensive so what is left integration of sin 4x upon

sin2x into cos 4x x minus integration of DX upon cos 2x now we can write for Excel integration of sin2x upon time to X into cos 4x x minus sec to its now we know that without formula of sin2x or sin 2 theta equals to 2 sin theta cos theta so we will expand time to 2 x as by using this formula sweet become sign in to come to time to X into cos 2x upon sin 2x into cos 4x

b - integration of sec 2xdx now time to sin 2x cancel so what is left twice of cos2x upon cos 4x x minus integration of sec Square x dx now we can write post for Excel twice of integration of cos2x upon cos 2 price of 2 x 2 x minus integration of 2x Deluxe now we know that cos 2x is equal to 1 minus 2 sin square theta sorry 2 sin square x so after expanding cos2x by using with formula we get Boss 2

upon 1 minus 2 sin squared 2x DX - integration of sec 2x DX now let assume time to X is equals to Ooty now we will differentiate it should be come to cos 2x DX is equal to DP now one thing we notice that 2 cos 2x DX is equal to DT so we can write integration of DT upon 1 minus 2 x square - integration of 2x DX so now we know that first of all we will convert doesn't form of DP upon one square minus root 3 cos squared minus integration of sec Square x dx now we know that

you know that integration of DX upon a square minus x square is equals to 1 upon 2 a log A + X upon 1 minus 16 so we will integrate this by using this formula so weak that were not want to hear is 1 into 1 into 1 then log 1 + root 2 upon 1 minus root 2 t a t is Bittu route to so we will be multiplied by root 2 here also - integration of sec 2 exercise 1 upon 2 love mood sec2x -10 2 X + c

substitute the value of 300 value of St is assigned to it should become one upon two route to love 1 + root 2 Sin 2x upon 1 minus root 2 Sin 2x minus 1 by 2 log 2 x minus 2 X + see this is the answer let's see which option is there so option first is correct for this question option first is correct or we can say that option thank you

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