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`int(4e^x+6e^(-x))/(9e^x-4e^(-x))dx=A x+Blog(9e^(2x)-4)+C ,t h e n` A=_________ _, B=_________, C=___________

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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how to find out that is integration will give log 9 - 4 + c then we have to find out the value of A B and C we have to solve integral that will integrate / 9 because he was to the power minus x + 1 upon the power x so on taking LCM this will become integration of

901 difference in two to it and have bought as to

so we have is equal to 1 + 1 divided by 9 and bases and divided by 2 into the multiplication and having two factors that Are linear considered the integral that we have it is it + 6 / 94 and write it in the form of

why 1990 - 4 + 1 / it is so on taking LCM 93 - 43 - 4 this is 40 + 6 comparing both the side on the side of that we have in the left inside and it is 2 + 9 comparing

latest all for the value of a and b is 9 x minus 3 Y - 4 x + 20 is equal to 2 and 35 over 2 is equal to 2 and a will be 35 over 4:40 / 19 - 4

that we have is 35 by 4 in the region it is 90 - 4 cooking PNB here so this is divided by 2 and p2p and have to find out is equal to the integral to find out this integration of 35/4 about 90 - 4 - 32 integration of x to that is Core and this is one by

this log of 9485 5499 Moti 90 - 4 - 411 285

I look with this is my brighter days 354 and this to multiplication with

why do so we have X and 1225 I have 85251

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