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Updated On: 30-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hi there we have to integrate this function 1 + sin x upon sin x into 1 + cos Exide so for this question we know some trigonometric identities first let me write down some of them we know that sin square x + cos square x is equals to 1 and sin 2 theta is equals to 2 sin theta cos theta right and there's one more entity is that to 1 + cos theta is equals to 2 cos square theta by 2 write show some identity that we are going to use in this solution so first of all let's convert this one using this identity so we will have sin square B will take sin square x by 2 as 8 litre to make
01:00 - 01:59whole square right and sin x we can write the sin x as sign into 2 into X by 2 right now this is in the form of this formula so we can write 2 sin theta and it is to sin x by 2 cos x by 2 right now sin x again sin x can be written as 27 expected to cause expect to 2 sin x by 2 into cos of x to 1 + cos x by 1 + cos x can be written using this formula 2 cos square x by 2 so we will have to cos square x by 2 DX operating all of them we will get sin square x by 2 upon to sign
02:00 - 02:59X by 2 cos x by 2 light + cos square x by 2 upon again the whole term 2 cos square x by 2 + 2 sin x by 2 cos x by 2 DX upon 2 cos square x by 2 to the whole town that is to sin x by 2 cos x by 2 into 2 cos square x by 2 separated all terms so now we will have now in the situation we can see that our sin square term is getting cancelled we will left side is sign expect too early so we can write that has that the 2 cos square x
03:00 - 03:59also so we will right here and now in this situation we can see that we have left with side X by 2 in the numerator and 2 into 2 is 424 cos x by 2 this is one and resources basilicum cos cube of expired 2dx right for solving this part we will get 1 upon 4 so integration of 1 upon 4 sign of X by 2 upon cos x by 2 is an expert to after taking one cause of bhatu from this term we will f b cos square x by 2 and 1 upon cos square x by 2 is SEC Square X by 2 so we can write it here sec Square X by 2 DX solve other parts in the other part we can see that cos square x by 2 is getting cancelled with this term so we will left with integration of 1 upon 2
04:00 - 04:59DX upon 2 sin x by 2 cos x by 2 2 into sin x by 2 into cos x by 2 and we have 12 Maurya Twilight 2 into to write this will become 1 upon 4 DX upon sin a cos b right so we can again this formula we were just multiply numerator and denominator by to so we will take ok let's take this to hear it so this will become one upon two sin2theta right time to travel by 2 into x square to that is signed to execute become one upon sin 2x sin x and one upon sin x is what causes a cakes we can write their Kaushik X by 2 integration of right now we will solve the third part 2 where we can see that we have same terms in
05:00 - 05:59numerator and denominator so we will just get them out we were left with 1 upon 2 cos square x by 2 only 1 upon 2 cos square x by 2 DX and one upon cos is Set Square sorry one upon cos is set so we can write one upon cos square x square x by 2 to 1 upon 2 sec Square X by 2 DX right now we will take one by four common from all the terms we will get integration of tan x by 2 sec Square X by 2 X + 1 upgrading 1 upon 4 common so we have to multiply the above term by 2 and the last term philosophy to sec Square X by 2 all are
06:00 - 06:59King Richard Wright so now we will have won by 4 in the first term we will take 10 expired 2st so let 10 x by 2 is equals to it so the differentiation to find RDX value we will get half into sec Square X by 2 DX is equal to do it right and right here tan x by 2 as t&d X s&dt into we can write here Aditi is equals to 2 upon x square x by 2 DX DX is equal to distance of Duty so we will write tn22 upon sec Square X by 2 and the devil
07:00 - 07:59also sec Square X by 2 of DT right and to write the other terms as it is to sec Square X by 2 X right here we will have its quality cancel out so we were left with only 1 by 4 tn22 DT that is 2 into TTT TTT will be square upon to become t square upon to which and where it is equal to 10 of 12 so we can write here as 10 of 10 square of X upon to the causes square and two and two will be cancel out right now integration of cosec X is log of Mod of cosec x minus cot X light and integration of sec square
08:00 - 08:59is the creation of to sec Square X by 2 will be 10 of X by 2 and 2 is already there and the differentiation of x by 2 is 1 by 2 Subah will multiply to hear that after then close the brackets we will get 1 upon 4 10 Square X by 2 + 2 Lok cos x minus cot X + 22424 10x by to write so that is what are final solution + constant right so that is water financer for the above question thank you

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`int dx/(1-cosx -sinx) =`


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