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int_(1//3)^(3) (1)/(x)sin ((1)...

int_(1//3)^(3) (1)/(x)sin ((1)/(x)-x)dx is equal to



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Updated On: 28-5-2021

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`(sqrt(3))/(2)``(sqrt(3)pi)/(2)`0none of these

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello friends welcome to doubt night vacation is integration of 1 upon 3 2 3 1 upon a sign of 1 upon x minus x x equals to this the following given option so late and equals to integration of 1 upon 3 23 1 upon x sin of 1 upon x minus 6 so fir se considered late put one upon X is equals to Ooty from here I get X is equals to 1 upon 3 when I differentiate both side AC is equals to minus one upon x square it ok to change the function we have to change the limits why right here at X is equals to 1 upon 3 X is equals to 1 upon 3 h t is equals to 3 and X is equals to 3 h t is
01:00 - 01:59equals to 1 upon 3 Sobi gate is equals to how is equals to integration of 1 upon 3 2 1.31 upon 8 1 upon X is and sign of 1 upon x minus x minus b come minus one upon x into DX DX is minus of 1 upon 3 square Aditi here I become a is equals to hear integration of 3 to 1 upon 3 minus sign taking out side and one upon it here to cancel with squares of remaining is one upon and sign of minus theatre t minus one upon t d p ok so here we have
02:00 - 02:59minor signs so -9 change with limits the patient become is equals to integration of 1 upon 3 23 by a pointy sign of t minus one upon it can be replaced by X what is the recreation integration of 1 upon 3 23 1 upon x sin of x minus 1 upon x minus of I so we can write is equals to this term is ISO ise equals to minus of I now we can write I + Y is equals to r 2 is equals to zero from here
03:00 - 03:59we get their food is equals to is equals to zero that means when we see the option of our option number series our right answer ok guys think you hope you understand the question thank you for signing doubtnut

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