int_(0)^(pi)|1+2cosx| dx is equal to :



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Updated On: 23-5-2021

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`(2pi)/(3)``pi``2``(pi)/(3) + 2sqrt(3)`

Answer :
Solution :



00:00 - 00:59here the given question is calculate the integral of Mod 1 + 2 cos Hector TX who is limit goes from 0 to pi so let's all this here or function f x is given as let se this function is given by mode of 1 + 2 cos x right now here let's put this at equal to zero then we get the value of cos x from this is minus 1 by 2 and we know that when are causes is equal to minus 1 by 2 then the value of x is 253 right so hair we can define a function f x is equal to MOD of 1 + 2 cos x is equal to when are X belongs from 0 to 255 3 then we can see that this term is positive modulus will open as it is one
01:00 - 01:59+ 2 cos x right and when are X belongs from pi to pi by 3 to 5 then are function is negative to write - of 1 + 2 cos x you can check by putting any value between these so you will find that this term is positive supermodel assign will open as it is and on putting any value between 25325 1 + 2 cos x is negative Sumer dasvin open as negative sign so right here are integral are integral is integration from 0 to 5 Mod of 1 + 2 cos x.dx and this can be equal to Limit from 0 to 2.3 1 + 2 cos x because in this limit of a function is defined as 1 + 2 cos 3 X +
02:00 - 02:59direction from 253 to 5 then are functions defined as negative of 1 + 2 cos x dx now here left integrate integration of one is X + 2 into integration of cos x sin x sin x ray and the limit from 0 to 255 3 taking - outside the integral so here we integration of one is X + 2 and ventilation of cos x sin x sin x and is limit from 253 to my left foot the upper and lower limit here so we get on putting upper limit 253 we get to 5 by 3 + 2 into sin 2 pi by 3 minus on protein lower limit is zero then access and 9000 here
03:00 - 03:59non pitting upper limit in this time we have Pi Plus and fine 500 - on putting lower limit it is to pi by 3 + 2 to find 253 no let's see what is the value of sin 2 pi by 3 sin 2 pi by 3 can be written as sin pi minus 5 by 3 and it is equal to sin pi by 3 find the value of sin pi by 3 is root 3 by 2 9 let's put the value of the values 92532 are I become equal to 2 pi by 3 + 2 into the value of sin 2 pi by 3 is root 3 by 2 + sorry it is minus minus of 2.3 and it is minus of 2 and 2 under root 3 by 2
04:00 - 04:59further simplified is the have to pi by 3 Hetu will cancel or 2 + root 3 and minus 5 minus 25 by 35 35 35 - - will give you + CEO + root 3 so it gives you to 5 minus 5 by 3 is 5S is write 5 by 3 and root 3 + root 2 root 3 so are answer for the integration is H I become equal to pi by 3 + 2 root 3 this is our answer for the above integral

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