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Class 12






Definite Integrals - For Boards


int_0^(pi/2) sin^2xcos^2xdx...

`int_0^(pi/2) sin^2xcos^2xdx`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello guys should your question is integral from zero to pi by 2 sin square x cos square x dx are given integral is ise equal to delete this is equal to zero to pivot sin square x into cos square x dx soul to integrate the step of functions what we can do this we can write that sin to access to sin x cos x and y have Sinus causes for when you will need to create this way if so are integral to become a is equal to 0 to pi by 4 minus 2 sin square x Cos it's OK to get this to multiplying and dividing by square sin square x square x dx

now is equal to 1 by 4 can be taken common this is to sin x Cos to sin x cos x whole square 02582 silence for success that sin to its original sin squared 2x 02582 d x love novel that cos 2 theta is 1 - 2 sin square theta ok so sin square theta can be written as 1 - cos 2 theta by 2 but here we have to extract is to of replacing sheet of a two seater suicide Squad 2 heaters

1 - cos 4 theta by 2 is equal to 1 by 4 integral from zero to pi by 2 sin square x square to it so we can add this is 1 - cos x by 2 X navigate integrate this becomes 1 by 4 into the x x by 2 minus cos x by 2 cos 4x Y2 will it will be sin4x into his already become it starts from 0 to pi by 2 then place the limits of 1 by 4 by 4 -

Vikram sign off to buy arduino and integral multiple of sin is 0006 value of a given integral is required thank you


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