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Class 11






Sequences And Series


Insert two number between 3 an...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `3, _ , _ ,81` <br> `a, ar, ar^2, ar^3` <br> `a=3 ` <br> `ar^3 = 81` <br> `3r^3 = 81` <br> `r^3 = 27` <br> `r = 3` <br> `a=3 & r=3` <br> `ar = 3*3 = 9` <br> `ar^2 = 3*3*3 = 27` <br> answer

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hi everyone in this question answer to number between 3 and 81 so that the resulting sequence in GP is the fairly simple problem that the solution part 102 number 10 and let number Be A and B the resulting sequence will be 381 find the value of a and b is the sequence is GP GP that means a common ratio will be equal that mean ay3 will be equal to be way will be equal to 81 baby from first and second we get a square is equal to TB let me tell the question 1 in from second and third we get

b square is equal to 81 from first we can get the value of B Ed a square B three putting the value of B Ed admit Patang Patang the ban of B2B get a to the power 4 by 9 is equal to 81a Aaye get cancelled out your free a cube is equal to 81 into 9.1 the simplified a cube is equal to 80 one can we return 3 to the power 4 and 9 can we return 3 square is become a cube is equal to 3 to the power 6 which can be for the written as 3 to the power 2 whole cube that means the value of a is line up putting this value in

equation 1 we get 923 be at drink that give the value of the year 2011 the value of 9 and 20 27 you can set gp3 is 9 and b27 the last 81 vacancy the common ratio 3 year are also 3333 our answer thank you guys

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