Updated on:30/05/2023

Insert seven rational numbers between 2and3.



welcome to doubt NET question that was given to us was insert 7 rational numbers between 2 and 3 so we have to insert we have to insert 7 rational number 7 rational number between 2 and 3 which is equals to 7 plus one which is equal to 7 + 1 equal to 8 so we have to multiply we have to multiply two and three bhai it and it it it so now we multiply so 2 x 8 / similarly 3 x divided by 8 Siddheshwar equals to 16 b is equals to 24 by 8 service 7 rational number between these numbers are these are 17 by 8
comma 18-8-19 similarly 2021 B 22 and 23 Y8 Sudheer ji 7 rational numbers now we can cut it so we where we get 17 b is first and here we get 9 by 4 is 2nd 1980 3rd and this will be cut by force of 5 by 2 is 421 b is fifth and 11 by 46 and 23 b is last Sudheer ji 7 rational numbers between 2 and 3 thank you


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