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Insert 10 rational numbers between -3 /11 and 13/11



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Updated On: 4-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question answer is that insert ten rational numbers between -3 by 11 and 13 by 11 so there are two rational numbers which we are given one is minus 3 by 11 the other one is 13 by 11 so in such type of question there we are supposed to find out the rational numbers between two given rational numbers what we do if we try to recreate the name numerators we try to make the sorry we try to evade the denominator it right to make the denominator same in both the rational numbers so here we are already given the same denominator that is 11 9 let's check whether we can Light Between -3 and 1310 rational numbers yes very easily we can write so that's right now starting from -3 because we are supposed to write down ten rational numbers between two numbers of this number will not be nice ration was it will not be included so the ten rational numbers will be ten rational numbers
01:00 - 01:59are -3 after -3 we get - 2 - 2 / 11 - 1 / 11 / 11 minus minus 1 minus minus 2 minus 10 then there is 1 / 11 / 11 3 / 11 / 11 5/11 12345678 to more rational numbers are to be written 6 / 11 7/11 knowledge count them 12345678 910 these are the ten rational numbers which are lying between minus 3 by 11 and 13 by 11 that's all thank you

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